White Rice vs. Brown Rice. Which One Is Healthier For Me?


What’s Up Rebels?I have not posted on here in a while. I will have some updates coming up soon though. These updates will mainly come from my business ventures. I plan on starting an Amazon FBA business this winter. My store is set launch over the next couple months. I wanted to provide some insight on what I am doing if it ends up being successful.If not, then its really not worth posting about. But I will keep you guys informed on that venture.  Either way, I want to talk about something I have learned this week and that might be of help you guys. It is about rice. In particular, the differences between white and brown rice and which one might be better for you. This information might be very helpful to you guys who have specific fitness goals. Particularly, guys who are cutting fat or bulking up.

Should You Be Eating Rice?

There are tons of studies out there say rice is bad. There are also tons of studies out there that say rice is good and healthy. It just depends on who you want to listen to and why. Choose either study to use to as evidence to gloat in the face of the other side. For those free thinkers out there, let’s dig into what rice actually is. Shall we?Rice comes of the seeds of grass species out there in the wild and grown in farms. It is one of the few grains that doesn’t contain gluten. One cup of rice about 200 calories and 40-50 grams of carbs. You also get 5 grams of protein and a gram of fat. The carbs might be a lot for those who are cutting fat. But it is more important to cut calories. Truthfully, rice can be a part of a healthy or unhealthy diet. It depends on what else you are consuming. For those getting bigger, rice is high quality and cheap source of getting carbs and calories in on your diet. Plus, it digests easily too. For those trying to lose weight, you might want to avoid or lessen you intake of rice because it might put you over your calorie or carbs goals for the day. Remember, it is all about calories in versus calories you burn. If you consume more calories then you are burning, you will weight. The reverse it true for losing weight. The quality of calories does matter. Especially for those you with muscle on your frame who want minimize the amount of muscle you lose.

What Is The Difference Between Brown And White Rice?

So everyone always says brown rice is better. But does anyone really know why?Like you are sitting in line at Chipotle and you always feel good when you get the brown rice instead of the white rice. You think you are a boss. Just like when you buy wheat bread instead of white bread. Or whole wheat pasta instead of regular white pasta. The truth of the matter is the difference between the brown and white rice comes in the way to two are milled down from the original seed. The difference is white rice is fully milled down from the original and only leaves the white interior behind. Hence, how you get brown rice. Brown rice is only partially down. Including the brown exterior of the original seed. This is how you get brown rice.

Nutrients In White Rice vs Brown Rice

These are nutrient breakdowns of white and brown rice according to Google. Let’s start with white rice first. Calories: 180Protein: 4 gramsCarbs: 45 gramsFat: 0.5 gramsDietary Fiber: 1 gramsSodium: 7 mgPotassium: 26 mgMagnesium: 2% of daily valueBrown Rice: Calories: 220 Protein: 5 gramsCarbs: 50 gramsFat: 2 gramsDietary Fiber: 4 gramsSodium: 10 mgPotassium: 84 gramsMagnesium: 21% of daily valueSo lets break that down. It looks there are some key things to point out here. Brown rice contains 40 more calories and 5 more carbs per serving than white rice. Brown rice also has more micronutrients per serving then white rice. 19% more daily value in magnesium. 58 more grams of potassium. That’s a big difference. Brown rice is also much lower on the glycemic index. This means it stimulates a much lower insulin response from the body. Plus, it takes the body much longer for the body to digest. Hence, the lower insulin response. The puts your body in a much more conducive environment to burn fat.

So Which One Is Better?

Great question. Brown rice has more calories and carbs. But it also has many more micronutrients and is harder to breakdown. So which one should you choose?Like most things in life, it depends on your personal goals. There is no clear right or wrong at first. You have to analyze your diet, training regime, personal goals, your body; and see what would best for you. I personally like white rice when I’m bulking because it stimulates a higher insulin response because it simple carbs. This is great for bulking and putting on size. So I will usually have a 1/2 cup (4 meals per day) with every meal. I prefer brown when cutting. I get smaller portions to offset the higher calories. Brown rice more nutrients per calories which is very important get under calorie restriction. Not to mention, it fills me up for hours so I am not struggling throughout the day. Brown rice can be very satiating. Those are types of foods you need during a cutting cycle. The worst thing that can happen during a cut is to be hungry and thinking about food all the time. That leads to binging and going over your caloric limits. That is just an example of what I have done. Using rice allows my have a bunch of restaurant options in the city (Washington DC) that fit my diet requirements. However, my preferences and needs might be different than your’s. So you will need to experiment and figure out what works for you.


So there you have it. That was a quick breakdown of white and brown rice. The truth of the matter is that neither one is inherently good or bad. It just depends on how you use it to better health and meet your fitness goals. If yo have a shitty diet with a ton of white rice then guess what. Your insulin levels, blood glucose, and blood sugar might be through the roof.That is never good. That ca lead to heart and respiratory issues. That is very bad for your long term health. However, eating a half cup of white rice with a small bowl of freshly stemmed vegetables and black beans, 20 oz of lean white meat or fish, and glass of water; can be very healthy for body. If that is 80%-90% of your meals then that is a very healthy diet. The chances of you having any medical issues with that type of diet is very rare. It is all about how you utilize your diet and training regime. Those two things will always determine your results. So have that in mind the next time you are thinking about which type of rice to get. It is not simple as one is bad and the other is not. There are way more moving parts that you need to take the time to figure out. It is important that you are willing to invest the time. Because that will lead to the bets long term and sustainable payoff. I hope this helps you guys. Which type of rice do you prefer?Let me know what you think about white rice and brown below in the comments. I will respond with my thoughts. Thanks for reading guys. Ray Kingsman

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