How To Use Supplements Part 4: Four Essential Muscle Building Supplements To Simplify Your Stack


Hello everyone. Today, we get into the heart of the matter. This what you really want to know. What supplements will help you meet your goals? The answers are below.

These are mainstream supplements that will you get toward your goals. If you want to talk about hardcore compounds that build muscle then you will need to go Success Rebellion.

Rebel Lifestyle talks about more lighter hearted and more mainstream topics. All the edgy stuff is like SARMs, Prohormones, penis enlargement, nootropics, etc will be on Success Rebellion.

Anyway, to put this article into context. Please make sure you have read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Those posts explain the goal setting, expectations, executing a plan, and how to create and use supplement stacks.  

In this posts, we explain supplements that should be essential in clean bulking, maintenance, and cutting stacks. On we go. 

Muscle Building Supplement Stacks

There are four essential supplements that will always be included in your simple supplement stacks. To continue the beginning of your muscle growth journey your muscle building supplement stacks will require the following items.

Creatine, Protein Powder, Multivitamins, and Fish Oil. There a couple other products you can use to greatly enhance your gains such as branch chain amino acids, herbs, fat burning supplements, and certain pre-workouts.

However, I will ignore those for now because I do not think they are not essential for your muscle gains or getting started. Those four supplements are the essential because they have a place in just about every trainee’s routine and are to be consumed daily.

Remember that all these supplements work together in a provide great results in the gym plus optimal health and wellness.

Protein is a major component of your body’s physical make up. It is second only to water. The building blocks of protein are amino acids. Amino acids serve many purposes from immune function to acid-base balance to hormone and enzyme production to muscle growth.

Amino acids serve a diverse group of functions and protein is your body’s primary source for amino acids and enzymes.

Since a good deal of your body’s lean tissue is comprised protein and water, it makes sense to consume an excess amount of those things to grow the body and build muscle. These essential nutrients now come in muscle building supplements that will build a powerful and simple stack for our goals.

Protein Powder

Proteins are amino acids bonded together by polypeptide chains. Amino acids are the building blocking of protein, Protein is a major component of the body and makes up about to 15% of the body’s lean tissue and have a wide array of functions.

They contribute heavily to fat loss, vital body structures, acid-base balance, fluid balance, energy levels, immune function, ect. This list goes on.

Protein is very essential to the overall physical health of the body. It is very important to include protein in your daily diet and supplement stack.

How protein essential to gaining muscle mass? When you workout, the muscles in the body and breakdown and creating micro shreds within the muscle tissue. When you recover, your body is going to repair itself to adjust to those strenuous workout.

A great deal of your muscle make up is protein. This is what your muscles are going to use to repair itself and grow bigger and stronger. Along with carbohydrates, water, and good fats.

Protein Powder comes in two forms whey and casein. These two proteins are naturally found in milk. Whey protein is water soluble-part of milk (hence faster digesting) while casein is the more of a gel-like substance (slower digesting).

We have more of an immediate concern with whey because it is faster digesting which it is increases muscle protein synthesis. Thus, it is easier to hit daily protein goals with whey than casein.

There is a lot of confusion when searching for brands of supplements to buy. In my experience, I trust the brands that have been around for a while and that have not products recalled in the past.

Brands like Optimum Nutrition, Cellucor, MuscleTech and GNC are a good place to start. Look for labels on the back such as, HFL, WADA, and NSF. 

This is because they have good reputations and solid products. These are most respected private supplement regulatory firms.

They are not perfect but can ensure that supplements that have been inspected by these agencies are free of harmful and banned substances.

Be sure that your choice of protein is more natural. This means it should contain more than five to ten ingredients.

For example, BSN’s Syntha-6 protein has so many ingredients that it makes my head spin. I cannot even pronounce most the ingredients on the supplement. RED FLAG! This tells me that the supplement is not the most natural form of protein.

Whey protein usually comes in three forms. Whey concentrate, whey isolate, and whey hydrolysate. Basically, these differentiate in potency of amino acids and how quickly they are absorbed.

Whey concentrate digests the slowest with lower amounts of amino acids (35% to 80% protein by weight) and they are the most natural form of supplement protein.

Whey isolates and hydrolysates absorb much faster with greater amounts of amino acids (over 90% protein by weight) but tend to to be more processed and contain more additive ingredients.

I have used all three and have never noticed an extreme difference. Although, I do tend to prefer concentrate from some of the bigger brands because they are just as low in calories as the isolates and do not have many additive ingredients.

When you are starting out though, it really does not matter which one you get. You just need a good protein source that will not break the bank.

I could go on for days about about protein powder. But starting out you do not need to be too picky. Just watch out the things I talked about above and you will be just fine when it comes to protein. Just know that protein powder is a must have for your muscle building supplement stack.


Vitamins and minerals are essential to overall health and wellness. Modern nutritional practices in today’s society leave the average person nutrient deficient, especially in vitamins and minerals.

Therefore supplementing your daily routine with a multivitamin is great way to make sure your your vitamin goals are being met.

Like protein, vitamins and minerals have many functions within the human body. Many people believe this is not a muscle building supplement and has no place in our simple supplement stack. They could not be more wrong.

These vitamins and minerals contain micro-nutrients that have functions that range from muscle recovery, energy levels, skeletal and body growth, reproduction, general health, etc. There are too many to name in the article. Either way, you need them.

Active individuals need higher amounts to multivitamins than the average joe because you putting more stress on your body. Therefore you need good quality multivitamins geared towards athletic individuals.

You want higher amounts of the essential vitamin levels listed. 100% for those essential vitamins will not do job. This is because they 100% is actually the bare minimum to not go into mal-nutrition, not the amount that is optimal for your health.

The standards were created by a world governing body to help fight mal nutrition in third world countries. Keep that in mind when looking at those labels. Do not worry too much about excess vitamins because your body usually excretes most nutrients that it has too much of.

Consult your physician or dietitian to make sure there are no vitamins that you might be deficient in. In some cases, high doses of some micro nutrients offset the affects of another. Remember to use the same standards for multivitamins as you would for protein.

Look for the private supplement regulatory labels, do your research on the brand, and look out for the ingredients and how many of them there are. Follow these guidelines and you should be good to go with multivitamins.

Fish oil

Funny fact. The healthiest people in the live in Japan. Heart disease, breast cancer, cardiac issues, and large obesity rates are non-existent in Japan. So what does most of there diet consist of? Fish.

Fish contain different kinds of fats (lipids) such as cholesterol and tricky series. Fats are essential macro-nutrients because they are imperative to survival, immune function, increase brain activity protection of vital organs, synthesis of essential hormones, hormone regulation, insulin level regulation lot more whole more.

Fish oil is a great source of Omega 3 fats (EPA and DHA). The average diet is actually rich with Omega 6 fats (red meat and eggs).

For healthy blood vessels, your body wants a 1:1 ratio . Healthy blood vessels means the more blood can be pumped your muscles when you exhaust them in the gym. Thus, increasing your size and strength and making fish oil a great muscle building supplement.

Plus, omega 3 greatly lower your chances of developing cancer and diabetes. They are also great for fighting insulin levels. Fish oil is so complex because how it interacts with other nutrients in body but I have informed you with all you need to know to get started.

Make you get these in softgels because they absorb much better in the body and they are easy to take. Use caution and intelligence as always.

WARNING: Fish oil may increase cholesterol so consult your physician before use. Maybe be harmful if you are diabetic.


Creatine is a molecule is an used in anaerobic respiration during its glycolysis phase (a quick energy generating system in the body). It is used to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP, your body;s main energy source). The body naturally produces creatine with the skeletal muscle.

Creatine is most highly researched and proven supplement on the market when it comes to performance and muscle building. This supplement works miracles for anyone doing any type of anaerobic training such as resistance training, sprints or running stairs.

Creatine will make you explosive in the gym and increase your muscle growth over a long period of time. This is a great supplement if the goal is to put on muscle mass.

You want to look for creatine monohydrate. This is most effective type of creatine on the market. It should not have any other ingredients but creatine monohydrate. I prefer the powder because it digests quicker and it is easier to take.

This is something you can find at a relatively inexpensive cost by a popular brand. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need much to help you maximize your gains.

Taking too much might lead a lot retention as well which you do not. Either way, creatine is an essential muscle building supplement and we want it in our stack.


Remember, the average individual does not need supplement if the have a balanced nutritional diet (the average joe could still use a multivitamin).

However, we want to be far from average. We need extra nutrition to fuel our workouts and make sure our bodies maximize recovery and growth. Food might not always be the most convenient choice.

Whether you have to cook or go out and buy it. This is why supplements are so useful. Supplements add convenience to lifestyle and make it so much easier to reach your nutrition goals.

Protein is a large portion of the body. In terms of the amount of tissue in the body, it is second only to water. Protein is responsible for many functions and processes within the body.

Providing with amino acids adds an instant energy source and stimulates protein synthesis. A multivitamin is imperative for everyone trying to ensure they get their daily amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Remember that an active individual requires more minerals and vitamins than your inactive average joe (because you are pushing your body) to improve physiological functions nutritional status within the body.

Creatine is for the resynthesis of ATP. It is crucial for anyone who performs any type of anaerobic activity, resistance training and weightlifting. Your performance and muscle gains will skyrocket. Fish oil contains good fats like Omega 3.

These fats are responsible for many of body’s survival mechanisms. This helps the synthesis and regulation of hormonal level. Good fats also help bring down insulin levels. Insulin plays a key role in storing fat.

Now you have a good guide on the supplements that are most basic and essential to start out with. To be honest, you really do not need anything else.

All of these nutrients you can find in your daily meals. Next post I will go over how and when to take these supplements, what a balanced diet looks like, and how add supplements into your diet for maximum gains.

I hope you liked this post and digested all the information. Please share this others if you found this post useful.

Remember to also check Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 if you have not already. 

Leave honest comments below. Good luck and keep working harder and smarter. Talk to you soon guys.

To Your Gains, Health, Success, and Fulfillment