How To Escape The Blue Pill Lifestyle Trap. Do What You Want With Your Life.


What's up guys? Ray coming at you today on Lifestyle. 

I have not posted on here in a couple weeks and wanted to talk about a concept that that has been on my mind lately. 

Many people wander through life fulfilling the plans and wants of others and not themselves. 

They go to school, go to college, get an entry level job, then go back to school (and get into more debt), then get a higher paying job.

Then they are stuck on the wage slave ship for the rest of their lives and dream of the day they can retire (when they are 75!) and start living. 

Then they get a nagging girlfriend with (hopefully) above average looks that controls them by using her sexuality and spends the man's money, then they marry that girl, have 1-2 kids.

Then he buys an expensive house (goes into more debt), buys an expensive car(one for him and one for his wife).

Now between your student loans, car loans, mortgage, and credit bill; you are up to your eye balls in debt. You are barely saving any money because of all the bills and loan payments. 

Your wife spends your money on bullshit carpets, furniture, electronics, food, and other home goods you do not need. 

Now your stress levels are through the fucking roof. You busting your ass 10-12 hours a day, trying not to get fired at work. Your boss is always up your ass and you cannot stand your co workers. 

You have completely stopped exercising and are slowly getting fatter. You indulge in bad food and alcohol as a release from all the stress.

Your health has gone to shit. Your lipids and enzymes are out of control. Your blood pressure and cholesterol are through the roof. You testosterone is low.

Because of how demanding your job is, you only have the time to spend time with your kids on the weekends. 

Your sex drive has torpedoed downward. You would rather jerk off to milf porn than deal with your nagging wife just for some sex. 

Because of this, you wife starts complaining. Constantly reminding you that you barely spend time with her or the kids. That you are getting out of shape. And that they barely have any money to pay the bills. 

Yet she just redecorated the living room, brought herself a couple new sundresses, and bought a new bed frame from Macy's.

The marriage is not going as expected. The good times have started to become more and more scarce. You are doing your best to keep it all together and keep the ship afloat.

Until on day it all comes crashing down. 10 years later, your wife says those dreaded words: "I want a divorce."

Now you are fucked. You did not sign a prenup or protect any of your financial assets believing the bullshit American dream thinking that you are going to be married forever.

Even though the divorce rate is over 50% and 70% of divorces are initiated by the woman. 

The legal aspects of the divorce are the most stressful thing you have gone through in your life. You realize your wife is going to rob you blind. 

All those years she did not have a job or worked only part time, just take half the money in every bank account you own. Half you 401k and retirement assets. The house and custody of the kid are all go to her.

Plus you have to pay her alimony and child support on top of all of that. She is swimming pretty while you are fucked. 

A couple months later, you get laid off from your job. Then the stress becomes too much and you start having heart palpitations. 

You need to go the hospital and get prescribed meds (that you cannot afford) in order to deal with your condition. 

Now your health is shit, you are in your 40s, broke, unemployed, out of shape, single, undersexed, and can only see your kids once every two weeks.

The american dream, that you bought into as a child and that you have worked so hard for, has fallen apart before your eyes. 

Ugly picture. Right?

Believe or not. There are millions of guys, where that is their reality every single day. 

That is the bullshit that they put up with 50 years of their lives, hoping everything will just workout even though they see the ship sinking.

We Spend The First 30 Years Of Our Lives Being Groomed For This

The crazy part of the whole scheme is we buy into it at a very young age due to social conditioning and nurturing. 

Then we spend the first 30 years of our lives in school and going into debt to create that hell hole. 

I guess I realized it when I was in my late teens. I was always more aware than the average person. 

But seriously, how does everyone buy into this shit. Without question either. Is the picture painted that well when we are young? I guess so. 

My guess is, people do not realize how much it sucks until they are neck deep in stress, debt, corporate life, and a shitty marriage.  

That is probably when it hits them. But few people actually get out. Usually, the people that do realize the dream is bullshit from a young age. 

So they are hustling in their twenties to create a business or they will not have to get on the wage slave ship. 

I guess guys in their forties use the excuse that they have kids and family to feed. Therefore, they cannot go into business for themselves. 

Even though there re thousands of examples of people who have done exactly that. 

The uncertainty is too much for them to bear. They would rather be in debt, stressed, and go through a life crippling divorce before stepping into the realm of uncertainty. It is very sad. 

But it is the world we live in. I have realized it is a waste of time trying to change it. 

What Should I Focus On?

Good question. 

What I have focused on are good things about the world and how I become the strongest and happiest version of myself possible. 

I want to get as far ahead in this world as possible physically, financially, spiritually, and mentally. That takes deep focus and dedication

I think this should be everyone's focus from a young age. Do not give into anyone's demands but your own. 

Basically, do what you want with your life at all times.

As long as it is not as decision that drastically fucks up your future. Like committing a crime or something stupid like that. I am not condoning that at all. 

However, do not buy into society's shitty plan for you. Instead, blaze your own trail and do what you want. 

You will make some bad decisions along the way but you can live with fact that you did what you wanted. 

Plus, those bad decisions allow you to keep learning and growing. They will make you a better and stronger man. 

How To Start Venturing Out Of The Blue And Into The Red

Like everything else, this is a gradual progress. But if you are reading this article then the chances are you probably already have these thoughts. 

In fact, you might have already swallowed the red pill without knowing it. You know the typical boring middle class life is not for you. 

You have idea of what you want to do. Now what?

Like I said earlier, do what you want with your life. 

Figure out what 1 or 2 most things you want to achieve to achieve right now in your life. Do you want to:

- Build an online business
- Get laid, having uncommitted relationships, and building a harem of females
- Improve your physique and style
- Dive into male enhancement
- Beat Depression
- Travel the world

Any goal that matters to you is worth pursuing. As long as it does severely fuck your life up down the line that is. I am not condoning anything illegal or dumb. 

I do not think you guys will have those issues.


A lot of you already know what you want but do not know how to get there. 

That is the whole "uncertainty" thing that blue pill guys do not want to have anything to do with. 

You will have to embrace and go through life with a "trial and error" attitude. It will allow to try, fail, and succeed at new things. 

Most importantly, achieve and experience way more than the common man. 

Consider the alternative. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. Nagging wife. Shitty health. Boring corporate job. Useless shit you cannot afford. 

That is no way to live. But that is the reality for many people in the west. 

This is because they cannot deal with the uncertainty and fear of blazing your own path. 

Do not be like them. Swallow the red pill and grab life by the ball.

Stop waiting. 

Our lives will have more ups and downs, highs and lows, and twists and turns. But we will smile on our death beds knowing we did what we wanted. 

Check out my 3-part guide on To Escape The Blue Pill Style Trap.

It delves in on what you need to do to make the stuff I listed above does not happen to you. It is some of my best stuff so far. 


Ray Kingsman